Mine is an attempt to create pieces that can stay close to those who choose them, absorb their characters and modes, speak about them for many years to come and tell their stories.


A designer and an artisan, Filippo creates his pieces using techniques handed down from the old masters of the ’50s. At that time, artisans were cutting the cardboard patterns with small knives and then assembling them piece-by-piece to achieve the perfect proportions. In the same way, Filippo does not sketch his models on the computer, but first assembles the patterns together to visualise the handbags he has in mind. Through this modus operandi, he can immediately study the proportions, the seams and the small movements in the leather, thereby giving shape to those essential combinations that instantly speak of luxury.

Filippo’s professional experience began in an artisan’s workshop of leather goods in Parma, where he learnt that the time devoted to perfect the smallest details add character and timelessness to each handbag. The techniques acquired in this workshop, cutting and preparing the finest leather pieces (crocodile, ostrich, stingray, French calf) have been the solid grounds for his next career steps with Francesco Scognamiglio, Laura Bucellati, Chloé and The Bridge. Dubai, the croassroads between the East and the West was the following destination, where his camel-leather handbags caught the attention of the royal family and many renowned local fashion bloggers, such as Nadya Hasan, Latifa Al Shamsi, Tala Samman and Ascia Akf. Filippo’s return to Italy heralded his decision to start his own brand in Parma, the city where he first fell for the artisanal mastery and tireless devotion so requisite of his art.

For Filippo, the ultimate luxury is the art of invisible complexity. Every detail matters and each procedure is carefully calculated in every single piece. All superfluous elements are removed and nothing is left to chance to achieve the most complicated of results: simplicity.