Every time I start to draw a new model, I play with constructions, while striving to reach the perfect form that can enhance the natural characteristics of the rough materials. I look for those unexpected and unpredictable details that unsettle what eyes are used to seeing.

Would you have ever imagined that a lift technician’s bag was the inspiration for this piece? Unlikely as it may seem, this is how the story went. One day, Filippo’s attention was caught by a technician repairing an elevator. He looked at the bag from which he was removing his tools. “It could be a perfect bag for a woman if I play with this shape, and give it a twist”, he thought. The Lift Bag was born.

That’s why the Lift Bag is a quintessential combination of male prowess and feminine elegance. The male elements, like the bolts and the leather of the shoulder strap, become even more intriguing when combined with the softness and lightness of the leather in the main body of the bag. How can a bolt from a worker’s toolbox become the most precious detail of a handbag? Strength is found where no one would have looked for it, and there the femininity is also revealed.

Only materials of the highest quality are used to create the Lift Bag. Rich, smooth leather from the Veneto region in the Northeast of Italy characterizes the body, imparting a luxurious feel. Tuscan leather, tanned with vegetable dyes, is used for the shoulder straps and zip pulls, ensuring that it can be carried for countless years to come. The high-thickness 24-carat gold plated metal elements give a touch of light and a glamorous appeal.

The Lift Bag shows the essence of the invisible complexity. Only the most experienced artisans can reach a sublime simplicity that hides elaborate processes and an obstinate attention to detail. As an observer, you would never notice all this; you would simply see the result. But as a woman, wouldn’t you recognise the same invisible complexities in yourself, which only the most acute observers can perceive?

Some useful tips

Every piece of leather is unique and irregularities are part of each bag’s charm. Due to the natural ageing process, a patina may appear on the zipper pullers, straps and decorative details of the Tuscan leather and on the main body of the bag, depending on how you use it. To keep your Lift bag at its best, apply neutral shoe polish from time to time, whereas accidental stains on the Tuscan leather parts may be treated with regular shoe polish of the corresponding color. Fill it with crumpled paper and store it in a dust bag when you are not using it.