Because Parma is infused with the refined elegance and taste of the Duchess Maria Luigia of Austria, second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose influence shaped the “Little Paris” that we know and love today.

Maria Luigia revamped those crafts that had started in the Borbone family’s court in 17th century Parma, when master artisans developed a unique expertise in creating all the fineries and trappings required for horse riding. From here the production of further exquisite leather pieces followed, which ultimately led to an established tradition in the creation of fine leather handbags. This continued to the point when, in the 1950s, Parma was the envied capital of luxury leather craft in Italy. Sadly this was not to last as her shine was destined to be obscured by the new mass production techniques of the 1970s. However, the Parmesan artisans, regardless of the course of history, preserved their unique knowledge and skills, continuing to produce their own brand of authentic luxury.

Because Parma is where Filippo embarked on his adventure into the world of fine leather craft. His story began in a small artisanal workshop where he worked as a pattern maker, learning the traditional ways and secrets of the last master artisans living in the city. It was in Parma where he nurtured his passion for first-rate craftsmanship and timeless shapes. It was there that he came to understand which elements need to come together when creating a piece of art.
Because Parma could not be better situated: halfway between Tuscany and the Veneto, homes to the best tanneries in the world and halfway between Milan and Florence. Thanks to this strategic position, Filippo can follow and oversee the entire production process of his pieces. With such a prime geographical positioning between the fashion capitals of Italy, inspiration is never far away.